In order to ensure safe and uninterrupted deliveries to its existing customers, explore the vast Chinese market for further expansion, and above all, to retain the experienced Chinese employees, ZAMA decided to build its own plant in China after the rental contract for current China plant ends in 2018. 
ZAMA acquired a 20,000 m2 plot of land in the town of Shatian in the municipality of Huizhou, Guangdong. The total built-up usable area of the new facility will be 31,484 m2 comprising one independent die-casting building, one block of 3-storey production building and one block of 4-storey administrative & support building.
Together with German construction experts, ZAMA selected the project partners who are the most advanced in China and have plenty of experiences in planning, designing and building manufacturing plants. Many state-of-the-art architectural façade and technologies will be introduced to bring ZAMA a beautiful, modern, environmental friendly factory. 

ZAMA held a grand groundbreaking ceremony for the new China factory in Huizhou on 18th May 2016. Many famous personalities and VIPs both from the government and private sectors presented during the groundbreaking ceremony. The construction is proceeding fast since then. The foundation has been completed at the end of September 2016 and the construction company is working on the main structure of the factory buildings. The construction is expected to be finished by June 2017. 
After 2 months for quality examination and approval of the buildings, ZAMA will start to move the first die-casting machine into the new factory in August 2017. All machines and employees will be moved workshop by workshop and the moving project will be completed by end of June 2018. To guarantee quality from the start, release procedures agreed by respective customers will be applied systematically.
Huizhou plant will be one of the 2 main manufacturing facilities of ZAMA Group with a capacity of 10 million carburetors, 7 million oil pumps and other precision parts.

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