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ZAMA Group Equip Exposition 2022


In mid-October this year, ZAMA took part in the Equip Exposition in Louisville, Kentucky. ZAMA has been a regular exhibitor at the show since 2018, and this year is no exception.

Our ZAMA team is widely respected for our extensive history manufacturing carburetors and precision parts, but this year we presented some different and exciting new products (seen below.) At our ZAMA booth, you could see on display our new wire harnesses, small PCBA, and textiles, as well as our longstanding products. Our goal is to gain recognition as more than a carb/fuel systems manufacture and diversify our products to supply more for our OEM customers. We are accomplishing this by applying the decades of quality and precision experience gained from our carburetor, oil-pump and precision machined parts manufacturing expertise.

Showing off our new products was not the only thing we did at this year's Equip Exposition. The Young Leader Event (YLE), hosted by members of ZAMA from across the globe, met the same week of the expo. The YLE is a talent program initiated by ZAMA, which started in 2018. The intention of the program is to choose talented employees from each ZAMA location and provide them with opportunities for training, communication, collaboration and self-development.

The young leaders of ZAMA came from different countries and grew up in different cultural backgrounds. Their attendance and involvement at the Equip Exposition will help to support the ZAMA Group as we continue to grow in new business areas.

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